Reports and Submissions

Submission to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in response to the 2026 Census topic consultation

28 April 2023

Impact of part time work for people with disability - WISE Employment

29 March 2023

Submission to the Department of Social Services in response to the Consultation Paper: A New Act to Replace the Disability Services Act 1986

9 February 2023

Submission to the Disability Royal Commission in response to the Issues Paper on the impact and responses to the Omicron wave for people with disability

23 June 2022

Improving Disability Employment Study (IDES): End of Study Report

2 June 2022

Barriers and enablers in the development of a COVID-19 policy response for people with disability in Australia 

25 June 2021

Managing COVID-19 outbreaks in disability residential settings: Lessons from Victoria's second wave

31 May 2021

Submission to the draft National Disability Employment Strategy

17 May 2021

Disability Support Workers and COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

30 April 2021

Submission to the draft National Health Preventive Strategy

19 April 2021

Follow up findings - Disability Support Work during COVID-19- Research Report

March 2021

NDIS Inquiry into Independent Assessments - Submission to the Joint Standing Committee

7 April 2021