Reports and Submissions

National Disability Strategy Beyond 2020 - Stage 2, Submission to the NDS Consultation Paper

October 2020

Submission to the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission: A Standing Review for the National Disability Strategy in NSW 

October 2020

Emergency Planning and Disaster Preparedness, Submission to the Disability Royal Commission

July 2020

Employment issues for people with disability, Submission to the Disability Royal Commission

August 2020

DES Outcomes in 2020: Effects of COVID-19 Restrictions - Research Report

November 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on Disability Support Workers - Research Report

August 2020

The Australian Disability and Violence Data Compendium

March 2020

The Disability and Wellbeing Monitoring Framework and Indicators: Technical Report

May 2020

Changing Attitudes: Survey of community attitudes around disability. Research Report (Victoria)

June 2018

Market Capacity Framework: An approach for identifying thin markets in the NDIS 

‘Free and equal: An Australian conversation on human rights’ Submission to the AHRC

November 2019