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COVID-19 vaccination coverage and vaccine hesitancy among Australians with disability and long-term health conditions

Aitken, Z, Emerson, E, Kavanagh, A. Health Promot J Austral. 2023

Trends in mental health inequalities for people with disability, Australia 2003 to 2020

Bishop GM, Kavanagh A, Disney G, Aitken Z. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, August 2023.

Does employment status mediate the association between disability status and mental health among young adults?

Shields M, Spittal MJ, Aitken Z, Dimov S, Kavanagh A, & King T L. OEM, August 2023.

A systematic review of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of adolescents and young people with disabilities aged 15-29 years

Leung XY, Kavanagh A, Quang QT, Shields M, & Aitken Z. BMC Public Health, July 2023.

Part-time versus full-time employment and mental health for people with and without disability

Ye L, Kavanagh A, Petrie D, Dickinson H, & Aitken Z. SSM-Population Health, June 2023.

The impact of Disability Insurance reassessment on healthcare use

Badji S, Kavanagh A, & Petrie D. Health Econ, April 2023.

Developing self-report disability questions for a voluntary patient registration form for general practice in Australia

Fortune N, Bailie J, Gordon J, Plunkett K, Hargrave J, Madden R, & Llewellyn G. ANZJPH, March 2023.

A call to action for more disability-inclusive health policy and systems research

Bailie J, Fortune N, Plunkett KGordon J, Llewellyn G. BMJ Global Health, March 2023.

‘That was all over the shop’: Exploring the COVID-19 response in disability residential settings

McAllister A, Dickinson H, Huska M, Devine A, Dimov S, & Kavanagh A. Aust. J. Public Adm., February 2023. 

Smoking Inequality Trends by Disability and Income in Australia, 2001 to 2020

Disney G, Petrie D, Yang Y, Aitken Z, Gurrin L, & Kavanagh A. Epidemiology, February 2023. 

Social interventions to support people with disability: A systematic review of economic evaluation studies 

Ma BH, Badji S, Petrie D, Llewellyn G, & Chen G. PLoS ONE, January 2023. 

Access to general practice for people with intellectual disability in Australia: a systematic scoping review 

Shea B, Bailie J, Dykgraaf S H, Fortune N, Lennox N, & Bailie R. BMC Prim. Care, November 2022.