Recent Publications

June 2019

Personalisation schemes in social care: are they growing social and health inequalities?

Malbon E, Carey G & Meltzer A.



May 2019

Emotional difficulties and self-harm among British adolescents with and without disabilities: Cross sectional study.

Emerson E, King T, Llewellyn G, Milner A, Aitken Z, Arciuli J & Kavanagh A.

Jan 2018

Do material, psychosocial and behavioural factors mediate the relationship between disability acquisition and mental health?

Aitken Z, Simpson J, Gurrin L, Bentley R & Kavanagh AM

June 2019

An evaluation of employment outcomes achieved by transition to work service providers in Sydney, Australia.

Xu T & Stancliffe RJ.

April 2019

The implementation of complex social policy: Institutional layering and unintended consequences in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Nevile A, Malbon E, Kay A & Carey G.

June 2019

Disabling working environments and mental health: A commentary.

Milner A, Shields M, King T, Aitken Z, LaMontagne AD & Kavanagh A.

August 2018

Adapting to a system: Network analysis of a personalisation scheme in early implementation.

Malbon E, Alexander D, Carey G, Reeders D, Green C, Dickinson H & Kavanagh A.

November 2017

Disability-based discrimination and health: findings from an Australian-based population study

Krnjacki L, Priest N, Aitken Z, Emerson E, Llewelyn G, King T & Kavanagh A.