Partner Advisory Group

As well as having a multi-disciplinary research team, we have an Advisory Group who shape the development of our research outputs. Members are from government and non-government organisations, statutory bodies, peak bodies and consumer representative organisations. They were selected for their detailed knowledge of the disability and health sectors and for their relationships with critical decision-makers, including senior bureaucrats and politicians. Members facilitate a two-way flow of information between their constituencies and the CRE-DH. The Advisory Group is chaired by Graeme Innes AM, Australia’s former Disability Discrimination Commissioner and Chair of the Attitude Foundation, which addresses disability-related discrimination.

Members include:

Justine Boland, Health & Disability Branch, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Gordon Duff, National Disability Services

Frances Quan Farrant, People With Disabilities Australia

Belinda Johnson, Office for Disability Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services

Leah van Poppel, Women with Disabilities Victoria

Kellie Horton, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation

Graeme Innes AM (Chair), Attitude Foundation

Alastair McEwin, Disability Discrimination Commissioner

Mark Cooper-Stanbury, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Marcia Kingston, Disability and Carer Policy Branch, Department of Social Security

Professor Andrew Wilson, University of Sydney