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  1. Disability and Health Data Compendium
    A one-stop shop that highlights, raises awareness and illustrates the opportunities that exist for all disability researchers in Australia. In this compendium, we outline the main national sample surveys, for children and working age Australians, that include information on disability.

    Download the Disability and Health Data Compendium 


  1. Debates in Disability and Health Policy: Health inequities and the social determinants of health for working age Australians with disabilities. 
    Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health, Melbourne 2018.
    Download Policy Report  
  2. A Fair Go? Measuring Australia’s progress in reducing disadvantage for people with disabilities, 2001-2016.
    Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney, 2018. 
    Download A Fair Go? Report.
    Download plain English Summary

  3. Competition and Collaboration between Service Providers and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. 
    Centre for Social impact, University of New South Wales, Sydney 2018. 
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    Read plain English Summary

  4. Spatial distribution of working age adults with disabilities
    across Australia: a small area analysis of the 2016 Census. 
    Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney, 2018.
    Download Technical Report
    Download plain English Summary 


  1. Physical Violence and Property Crime Reported by People with and without disability in New South Wales 2002-2015.
    Sydney: Centre for Disability Research and Policy,  University of Sydney, 2017.
    Download Property Crime Report 

  2. Choice, Control and the NDIS.
    Melbourne: University of Melbourne, 2017.
    Download Choice and Control Report

  3. Audit of Disability Research in Australia, 2017.
    Sydney: Centre for Disability Research and Policy, University of Sydney, 2017. 
    Download the Report