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Improving Mental Health Outcomes for Young People with Disability in Australia

NHMRC 5 Year Synergy Grant

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We need urgent COVID-19 vaccination for people with disability

MJA Insight, 18 October 2021

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Advice on protecting people with disability: No one left behind (OzSAGE guidelines)

20 October 2021

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New survey finds disability stereotypes persist among Australians

10 September 2021

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Opening up when 80% of eligible adults are vaccinated won’t be ‘safe’ for all Australians

31 August 2021

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At-risk Australians not prioritised for vaccination in the "race to re-open"

25 August 2021

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Prof Anne Kavanagh and Dr Georgina Sutherland on new SBS series on public attitudes.

18 August 2021

CREDH Call to Action - Vaccination urgently required for disability sector

23 July 2021

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The NDIS is fighting a trust deficit. Its future depends on putting this right

Croakey, 14 July 2021

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A detailed report on Australians' beliefs and attitudes about disability.

Survey results

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NDIS Independent Assessments are off the table - that's a good thing.

The Conversation, 10 July 2021

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Women with disability lacking access to domestic violence services

15 June 2021