Plain English Summaries

Whether it’s a policy briefing, a summary or the highlights of our research findings, we’ve compiled a number of plain-language summaries to help you understand the research we’re doing, what we have found, and how we found it.

The following plain language summaries are available below:

The importance of lived expertise in tracking the health and wellbeing of Australians with disability

Precariously Placed: housing circumstances for Australians with disabilities

Summary of housing affordability for people with disability in Australia

Inclusive City of Melbourne
(Easy English version)

City of Melbourne logo and group of people

The relationship between disability and suicide among Australian men

Summary of a research article on disability, suicide and Australian men

A Fair Go? Measuring Australia’s Progress in reducing disadvantage for people with disabilities

Summary of the CRE's A Fair Go Report

Where do people with disabilities live in Australia?

A summary on where people with disability live in Australia, featuring a heat map of Australia

Disability-based discrimination in Australia

Summary of how discrimination is a health issue for people with disability

The impact of underemployment on the mental health of people with disability 

summary of how PWD are experiencing disadvantage through underemployment

Disability acquisition, socioeconomics and mental health

Summary of how socio-economics affects mental health, when acquiring a disability as an adult

Bullying by adolescents with and without a disability

Policy explainers