Employment and mental health of people with disability: summary of research findings from the CRE-DH


This research review comprehensively examines and summarises the findings of Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (CRE-DH) on employment and mental health among people with disability and generates a series of policy recommendations.

To better understand our research findings, we use the Disabling Working Environments framework to conceptualise the range of experiences people with disability encounter when they enter the labour force, work in jobs, and leave employment and examine the impact of these experiences on mental health, acknowledging the impact of personal (e.g., age, education) and environmental (e.g., availability of jobs, access to health services, discrimination) factors.

Image: The Disabling Working Environments framework

Our research found overwhelming evidence that employment is important for protecting and promoting the mental health of people with disability. 

We suggest policy action focused on improving job preparedness, building effective services, promoting inclusive workplaces, and creating employment opportunities is needed to address the inequalities in employment and resulting mental health outcomes experienced by people with disability.

Please access the full report to read our key findings, policy recommendations, and recommendations for future research.


There are five factsheets that accompany this report and can be downloaded below.

Factsheet 1 - Disability, employment, and mental health in Australia
Factsheet 2 - Selection into work