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‘Disease of disadvantage’: Melbourne’s lower socioeconomic areas suffer most COVID deaths amid Omicron (The Guardian, 25 February 2022)

Masks, RATs and clean air – how people with disability can protect themselves (The Conversation, 24 February 2022)

People with disability struggling without support workers (AM / ABC Radio, 10 February 2022)


People living with disability concerned as Australia opens up, (RN Life Matters, 4 November 2021)

Vaccination for people with complex needs and tips to stay safe from COVID (Reasonable & Necessary podcast, 28 October 2021)

Fears disabled Australians are being left behind as the country plans to open up (ABC RN Breakfast, 17 September 2021)

How do we make sure we’re not baking inequities into our policies, including the NDIS? (The Mandarin, 13 September 2021)

New survey reveals disability stereotypes persist among Australians (Pro Bono, 10 September 2021)

Opening up when 80% of eligible adults are vaccinated won’t be ‘safe’ for all Australians (The Conversation, 31 August 2021)

Vulnerable Australians forgotten in the race to re-open (The Age, 25 August 2021)

“What do Australians really think about?” (SBS on Demand, 18 August 2021)

Domestic violence settings need training in disability access (ABC, 2 August 2021)

The NDIS is fighting a trust deficit. Its future depends on putting this right (Croakey, 14 July 2021)

NDIS Independent Assessments are off the table for now (The Conversation, 10 July 2021)

Women with disability lacking access to domestic violence services (ABC News, 15 June 2021)

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy higher among disability support workers amid concern over safety and side effects (ABC News, 30 April 2021)

Vaccinating the highest-risk groups first was the plan. But people with disability are being left behind (The Conversation, 26 April 2021)

Floods can worsen inequality. Here are four ways we can ensure people with disability aren’t left behind (The Conversation, 15 April 2021)

COVID-19 and the care sector: Protecting Australians post-pandemic (The Asia & the Pacific Policy Society Policy Forum, 30 March 2021)

Disabled young women face double the risk of sexual violence (The Guardian, 16 March 2021)

Disability royal commission presented with ‘alarming’ violence statistics (The Age, 16 March 2021)

New report reveals the extent of violence and abuse experienced by Australians living with disability (ABC Radio, 16 March 2021)

‘Dehumanising’ and ‘a nightmare’: why disability groups want NDIS independent assessments scrapped (The Conversation, 12 March 2021)

COVID-19 vaccine rollout for Australians living with disability needs clarity, experts say ABC News online (22 January 2021)


Wage theft and poor pay among workers with disabilities, royal commission hears ABC Radio (8 December 2020)

Freedom lost: the generation coming of age in Australia’s pandemic-fuelled recession The Guardian (2 December 2020)

The importance of social supports for learning in COVID-19 Care Network (17 October 2020)

Numbers show lockdowns are a ‘no brainer’. Letting people die isn’t. (Sydney Morning Herald, 3 October 2020)

The long tail of COVID-19: implications for disability policy Power to Persuade (28 September 2020)

Are market forces failing us? The case of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Public Policy Journal (29 September 2020)

Collecting data on people with disability: Who is being left out of the picture? Power to Persuade (23 September 2020)

Australian disability homes at risk of COVID-19 exposure, royal commission hears, The Guardian (21 August 2020)

Let’s heed the warnings from aged care. We must act now to avert a COVID-19 crisis in disability care, The Conversation (21 August 2020)

Disability sector left vulnerable by coronavirus response despite early warnings, royal commission hears ABC News, (20 August 2020)

The risk of COVID to people with disability Radio National, (20 August 2020)

Looming COVID-19 emergency in disability support homes The Sunday Age, (2 August 2020)

Data needed to measure extent of violence against people with disability Talking Disability (7 July 2020)

Data needed to understand the scale of abuse faced by people with disability Pursuit (26 June 2020)

Australia’s COVID-19 Response and people with disability. Philanthropy Australia (17 June 2020)

“I’m scared”: Parents of children with disability struggle to get the basics during coronavirus The Conversation (28 May 2020)

The young Australians hit hard during COVID-19 Pursuit (25 May 2020)

Why it is “reasonable and necessary” for the NDIS to support people’s sex lives The Conversation (21 May 2020)

Protecting people with disability during the pandemic Pursuit (22 April 2020)

Information accessibility during the COVID-19 crisis Power to Persuade (1 April 2020)

People with disability are more likely to die from coronavirus, but we can reduce the risk, The Conversation (26 March 2020) 

How should we prioritise care? COVID-19 research raises concerns on disability discrimination. Croakey (24 March 2020)

Urgent calls for action to protect people with disability during COVID-19 pandemic, Croakey (16 March 2020)

Targeted COVD-19 response for people with disability Pro Bono (17 March 2020)

Upscaling the health sector, real time: disability researchers call for a coronavirus response package The Mandarin (17 March 2020)


Rethinking ‘thin markets’ in the NDIS: introducing the market capacity framework  The Mandarin (9 December 2019)

Does disability policy really offer choice and control? Pursuit (1 December 2019)

Making Australia’s most liveable city more inclusive Pursuit (30 September 2019)

“Sometimes train drivers forget you” The Age (30 September 2019)

Health data saves lives: We need to be using it better Pursuit (6 August 2019)

Women, rural and disadvantaged Australians may be missing out on care in the NDIS, The Conversation (11 July 2019)

Disability, employment and inequity: it’s time to do more than the bare minimum Power to Persuade (12 July 2019)

‘Nothing about us, without us’: Working to make the City of Melbourne more inclusive, Power to Persuade (9 July 2019)

Deep-rooted inequality in the NDIS, The Mandarin (28 June 2019)

Here’s what needs to happen to get the NDIS back on track, The Conversation (30 May 2019)

Why Aboriginal voices need to be front and centre in the disability Royal Commission The Conversation (28 May 2019)

A coalition government and the NDIS Power to Persuade (21 May 2019)

Zoe Aitken interviewed on ABC News Radio (13 May 2019) 


Underemployment and mental health –  Allison Milner’s research on the mental health impacts of underemployment for people with disability (13 October 2017) 

The challenge of growing the NDIS (Listen) Helen Dickinson interviewed on Radio National about the challenges for the NDIS in helping people with disabilities to live more independent lives (5 July 2017)

An innovative approach to policy reform Celia Green and Zoe Aitken on embedding policy experts in the research process at the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (3 July 2017)

Fighting for disabled people’s health Anne Kavanagh on the establishment of the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (26 June 2017)

Collaboration to support excellence in disability research Anne Kavanagh on how the CRE-DH works (27 June 2017)

Why segregating the disabled is unacceptable (pdf) Anne Kavanagh responds to Senator Hanson’s comments on children with disabilities at school (23 June 2017)

The NDIS costs are on track, but that doesn’t mean all participants are getting the support they need . Helen Dickinson on political will  required to support the NDIS to reach its full  potential (15 June 2017)

Can the NDIS deliver? Helen Dickinson on whether the NDIS is meeting its aims from the perspective of people with disability using these services  (23 May 2017)

NDIS and Social Policy reform Hiccups are expected with any large scale policy reform but what can be prevented in its implementation? (18 April 2017)

What’s the verdict on Labor’s Health Policy Summit? The devil is in the detail when it comes to major policy shifts in disability health (30 March 2017)


Reasonable and Necessary: Anne Kavanagh interviewed about COVID-19 and protecting people with disability. Series 4, Episode 2 (14 April 2020)

One in Five, Melbourne Disability Institute Podcast (December 2019)

Fixing the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Policy Forum (12 July 2019)

Advocating for accessibility, Inform Australia (June 2019)

Intellectual disability and the fight for Justice, Pursuit (12 November 2018)
Transcript available here

The Art of Inclusion – Busting disability myths with Gwynnyth Llewellyn Diversity Council of Australia (9 October 2018)

What does it take to achieve choice and control? Tom Shakespeare and Sue Salthouse, Sydney Ideas (11 July 2018)

Taking the pulse of the NDIS  Helen Dickinson on how the NDIS will improve the livelihood of people living with disabilities in Australia (6 December 2017)
Transcript available here

 The Lucky Country Gemma Carey and Eleanor Malbon discuss the economics of mental health and the NDIS (13 September 2017) 

How attitudes disable  Eric Emerson argues that debunking assumptions is a critical step towards more inclusiveness (28 July 2017)
Transcript available here  

Carly Findlay; Australian blogger and disability advocate 
Transcript available here

Disabling Ablesim with Professor Anne Kavanagh on how rethinking our understanding of disability could improve lives (30 May 2017)
Transcript available here


Robotics and the disability care sector. Opportunity or Threat? UNSW Grand Challenges series, (12 July 2018)

Highlights from the CRE-DH Launch (June 2017)