Selected Media

Underemployment and mental health –  Allison Milner’s research on the mental health impacts of underemployment for people with disability (13 October 2017) 

The challenge of growing the NDIS (Listen) Helen Dickinson interviewed on Radio National about the challenges for the NDIS in helping people with disabilities to live more independent lives (5 July 2017)

An innovative approach to policy reform Celia Green and Zoe Aitken on embedding policy experts in the research process at the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (3 July 2017)

Fighting for disabled people’s health Anne Kavanagh on the establishment of the Centre of Research Excellence in Disability and Health (26 June 2017)

Collaboration to support excellence in disability research Anne Kavanagh on how the CRE-DH works (27 June 2017)

Why segregating the disabled is unacceptable (pdf) Anne Kavanagh responds to Senator Hanson’s comments on children with disabilities at school (23 June 2017)

The NDIS costs are on track, but that doesn’t mean all participants are getting the support they need . Helen Dickinson on political will  required to support the NDIS to reach its full  potential (15 June 2017)

Can the NDIS deliver? Helen Dickinson on whether the NDIS is meeting its aims from the perspective of people with disability using these services  (23 May 2017)

NDIS and Social Policy reform Hiccups are expected with any large scale policy reform but what can be prevented in its implementation? (18 April 2017)

What’s the verdict on Labor’s Health Policy Summit? The devil is in the detail when it comes to major policy shifts in disability health (30 March 2017)


Robotics and the disability care sector. Opportunity or Threat? UNSW Grand Challenges series, (12 July 2018)

Highlights from the CRE-DH Launch (June 2017)


Intellectual disability and the fight for Justice, Pursuit (12 November 2018)

The Art of Inclusion – Busting disability myths with Gwynnyth Llewellyn Diversity Council of Australia (9 October 2018)

What does it take to achieve choice and control? Tom Shakespeare and Sue Salthouse, Sydney Ideas (11 July 2018)

Taking the pulse of the NDIS  Helen Dickinson on how the NDIS will improve the livelihood of people living with disabilities in Australia (6 December 2017)

 The Lucky Country Gemma Carey and Eleanor Malbon discuss the economics of mental health and the NDIS (13 September 2017) 

How attitudes disable  Eric Emerson argues that debunking assumptions is a critical step towards more inclusiveness (28 July 2017) Transcript available here  

Carly Findlay; Australian blogger and disability advocate Transcript available here

Disabling Ablesim with Professor Anne Kavanagh on how rethinking our understanding of disability could improve lives (30 May 2017) Transcript available here