Discrimination and bullying against Australians with disability

Reducing disability discrimination is one of the pillars of the National Disability Strategy, but how much do we actually know about the experiences of prejudice by those affected?

We describe the extent of bullying and discrimination experienced by Australians with disability, and the impact on their social and economic participation, as well as their health and wellbeing.

For this project, we collaborated with the Attitude Foundation  whose focus is to relieve discrimination experienced by Australians with disability and shape a new understanding of disability. 

Research Team

Professor Anne Kavanagh, University of Melbourne
Zoe Aitken, University of Melbourne
Dr Tania King, University of Melbourne
Dr Naomi Priest, Australian National University
Graeme Innes AM, Attitude Foundation
Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn, University of Sydney

Funded by the Disability Research Initiative, University of Melbourne and the Attitude Foundation.

Research Outputs

Lauren Krnjacki and Anne Kavanagh, have for the first time, quantified the lived experience of exclusion and discrimination by people with a disability:

  1. Krnjacki L, Priest N, Aitken Z, Emerson E, Llewellyn G, King T & Kavanagh A. Disability-based discrimination and health: findings from an Australian-based population study.  Aust NZ J Public Health. 22 November 2017.  10.1111/1753-6405.12735
  2. In this piece for Croakey, they share their findings and what it means for health. 




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