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The Disability Pay Gap: Mythbusting and Numbercrunching

To bridge the gap between evidence and understanding of disability-related inequalities, we are proposing to pilot a data-driven, Q&A style on-line interactive tool where the general public, policy makers and users of disability statistics can learn about the disparities that people with disabilities experience in the job market. The pilot study will use an analysis of the “disability pay gap”, a simple comparison of average earnings for people with a disability in comparison to those without. The tool will use creative visualisations and accessible user-engagement to maximise knowledge translation.

The aim of this project is to develop an online tool to present findings on employment issues in an accessible and interactive format to convey the nature and size of the inequalities.

Research Team

Dr George Disney, University of Melbourne
Zoe Aitken, University of Melbourne
Mellissa Kavenagh, University of Melbourne
Dr Sean Byars, University of Melbourne
A/Prof Dennis Petrie, Monash University
A/Prof Allison Milner, University of Melbourne
Prof Anne Kavanagh, University of Melbourne

Melbourne Disability Institute and University of Melbourne Economic and Social Participation Seed Funding 2019

Disability, employment and inequity: time to do more than the bare minimum, 
12 July 2019