Modelling employment policies in reducing disability related mental-health inequalities


People with disabilities experience poor mental health. However, despite evidence that the mental health inequalities are to a large extent socially driven and therefore avoidable, there is a lack of research examining how policy action on the social determinants of mental health could improve mental health for people with disabilities and reduce current inequalities. This research project will use innovative epidemiologic and statistical methods to gain a better understanding of the social processes driving disability-related mental health inequalities. We will simulate a series of hypothetical policy intervention scenarios on employment and quantify their impact on mental health for people with and without disabilities. By simulating the impact of realistic policy interventions, the findings will facilitate evidence-based decision-making to close disability-related mental health inequalities.

Research Team

Ms Zoe Aitken from the Centre for Health Equity (School of Population and Global Health); Professor Tony Blakely, University of Melbourne,  Dr George Disney, University of Melbourne,  Professor Anne Kavanagh, University of Melbourne,  Dr Ashley McAllister, University of Melbourne, Associate Professor Allison Milner, University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne BIP Grant, Melbourne School of Population Health 2019