Making Melbourne Inclusive

This project aims to identify ways in which the City of Melbourne can be more inclusive for people with disability. We are bringing together people with disability, City of Melbourne staff, disability advocates and academics in a series of solutions-focused workshops. Workshop tasks involve brainstorming ideas on how the City of Melbourne can be made more inclusive for people with disability, sorting the ideas into themes, and then rating the ideas on importance and feasibility of implementation. The method has a number of advantages, including the ability to compare the responses of City of Melbourne staff and people with disability on what they think are the most important actions to undertake, and further, understand misalignments in feasibility of implementation. The outcomes of this project will be a series of feasible, important actions that the City of Melbourne can implement and/or embed into the Disability Action Plan.  

The project team are seeking people with disability, disability advocates, academics with expertise in disability to participate in the project. 

Research Team

Dr Jerome Rachele, University of Melbourne
Ms Sally Meikle, University of Melbourne

Funded by Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, City of Melbourne and Melbourne Disability Institute.