Impact of part-time employment for Disability Employment Services clients

The research project seeks to identify value beyond the economic value measured by taxation paid by DES customers who find employment, and the monies saved by reduced Disability Support Pension (DSP) paid. The intention is to measure the additional numerical value of (low wage) part-time employment by savings due to reduction to a range of government funded goods and services provided to DES customers, which may be reduced or no longer need to be provided following a transition into part time employment.

The project will also consider the value or proxy for the “value of societal inclusion”. For example, this could be measured by the reduction of access to the justice system, or the health or education system, or even reduction to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) due to the part-time employment.

Our findings findings will provide an explanation of the model and methodology utilised; estimates of the total financial value of (low wage) part time employment broken down by the value by the savings from each of government goods and services. The final report will also provide the modelling work and value provided by societal inclusion. 

The research team are from the University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne and Monash University. Together, they have significant experience of collaborating on research projects and are well placed to undertake this project with skills in policy analysis, epidemiology and health economics.