Current Projects

Improving Disability Employment Study (IDES)

IDES is a longitudinal study considering how people with disability access and sustain long-term employment. The project investigates the financial and health impacts of different employment outcomes on people with disabilities.  

Improving Disability Employment Study: Youth Cohort

This research builds on the Improving Disability Employment Study (IDES) which is currently underway with a specific focus on young people and intervening early to enable them to transition into meaningful and sustainable work.

Victorian State Disability Plan 

Our team was awarded the tender to develop measurable indicators for the Outcomes Framework of the Victorian State Disability Plan: Absolutely everyone 2017-2020

Improving public sector market effectiveness

This project partners with the Department of Social Services and with National Disability Services to better understand market stewardship in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Neighbourhood design and disability: a policy review

A national review of neighbourhood design policies related to disability, mobility and accessibility in Australia. 

Discrimination and bullying against Australians with disability

What is the extent of bullying and discrimination experienced by Australians with disability, and what is the impact on their social and economic participation, as well as their health and wellbeing?

Neighbourhood characteristics and inequalities in physical function

How neighbourhood design characteristics contribute to inequalities in physical function by mapping data sets to imagery from Google Maps and Google Street View.

Discriminatory acts towards young Australian adults with disabilities in public places

We investigate interpersonal discrimination young people (15 -29 years) with disabilities experience in public and the impact of this discrimination on their social, economic, cultural and emotional lives. 

Social mobility and wellbeing following disability acquisition in working age adults

This project looks at the impact that the acquisition of a disability in adulthood has on subsequent socio-economic circumstances (employment, housing, education, income, social capital, wealth) and wellbeing.  

Making Melbourne More Inclusive 

This project aims to identify ways in which the City of Melbourne can be more inclusive for people with disability. 

Choice, Control and the NDIS

This project explored the degree to which the NDIS is achieving its aims and objectives from the perspective of people with disability using these services.