Research Fellows

Research Fellows George, Zoe and Celia
George Disney, Zoe Aitken, Celia Green, Research Fellows, CRE-DH

Zoe Aitken is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Equity (University of Melbourne) working on the social determinants of health for people with disabilities. She has been working at the University of Melbourne since 2011 to pursue her interest in social epidemiology and was awarded an NHMRC postgraduate scholarship in 2015 to better understand how socioeconomic factors influence the mental health of people with disabilities. She has a particular interest in the analysis of longitudinal studies to answer causal questions about the complex interplay between socio-economic disadvantage and health.

Dr George Disney  is a Research Fellow working on the social determinants of health for people with disabilities, based at the Centre for Health Equity, University of Melbourne. He has a background in demography and social statistics. George’s most recent work in New Zealand was focused on analysing socio-economic and ethnic inequalities in mortality and cancer. His research interests are in examining how socio-economic inequality in society affects population health and population statistics including their uncertainty.

Celia Green is a Research Fellow working in the area of policy reform. Celia is also completing her PhD at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at ANU where she is investigating how welfare state models influence the policy process. Celia’s research interests include public policy, social equity and public health. Celia has previously worked as a research associate for the University of New South Wales and Monash University on the provision of emergency financial aid, service provision in the public sector, gender equality strategies in public service agencies, and policies to achieve flexibility and autonomy for low paid service delivery workers. She has extensive experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative social science research incorporating literature reviews, stakeholder interviews and data analysis.