Making public spaces in the City of Melbourne more inclusive for children and adolescents with disability

Children and adolescents with disability have the right to participate in society on an equal basis to those without disability. However, the specific needs of children and adolescents with disability to be fully included are not currently known. This project will identify the key enablers of inclusion by employing an innovative methodological approach known as ‘group concept mapping’, a collaborative mapping exercise between planners, disability advocates, disability experts, children and adolescents with disability, and their parents and guardians. The project fosters relationships between the University of Melbourne,  the City of Melbourne and advocacy partners.

The project findings will directly inform the upcoming City of Melbourne Disability Action Plan. If the project recommendations are implemented in this policy, the City of Melbourne is likely to be more inclusive of children and adolescents with disability.

Funded by Melbourne Disability Institute, University of Melbourne 2019